ROYAL OAK – Milan Stevanovich, vice president of global strategy for the Detroit Chinese Business Association, discussed the recent Detroit-China Cross Border Investment Summit he hosted at NextEnergy on April 19 that featured a full day focusing on collaborative investment opportunities between the U.S. and China.

The TED-style conference emphasized collaborative investment opportunities in the U.S.-China smart car and auto parts exchange industries.

Milan Stevanovich 

Kyle Ellicott, founder and chief labs officer of Readwrite Labs and ReWrite in San Francisco, was the keynote speaker. He is an Eastern Michigan University graduate.

Featured delegations came from two critical development areas of the Zhejiang, China province: Shanghai International Auto City (SIAC), located in the Jiading district of Shanghai, and Tongxiang in China.   

SIAC is a 100-square-kilometer area of Shanghai that has been leading China’s automobile market. Tongxiang is the geographic hub of the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Suzhou triangle, an area of development potential that is connected to three of the most prosperous and innovative cities in China.

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