Russians Behind Yahoo’s 1 Billion Account Hack

Russians Behind Yahoo’s 1 Billion Account Hack

WASHINGTON DC – The Justice Department on Wednesday said it’s indicted four hackers responsible for the second-largest online breach in history. Two of the alleged hackers were Russian spies under the Federal Security Service — the country’s FBI equivalent that’s better known as the FSB — while the other two were identified as hired criminals.

The spies wanted dirt on politicians, while the hackers for hire scavenged through the spoils for profits, the Justice Department said. The four were charged with wire fraud, trade secret theft and economic espionage.

Karim Baratov, one of the alleged hackers based in Canada, was arrested on Tuesday, while the other three Russian hackers could be protected from a complicated extradition process.

“The involvement and direction of FSB officers with law enforcement responsibilities makes this conduct that much more egregious,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord during a press conference on Wednesday. “There are no free passes for foreign state-sponsored criminal behavior.”

The indictments offer a tiny measure of closure for Yahoo, which has wrestled over the last several months with revelations of massive security breaches. When Yahoo in September disclosed a 2014 hack, it was deemed the worst cyberattack ever. But three months later, the company outdid itself by disclosing a separate incident from 2013 that left 1 billion — yes, billion — accounts exposed.

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