FERNDALE – Gary McGraw, the CTO of Cigital, joins two other cyber security experts, Dan Lohrmann of Security Mentor and Richard Stiennon of IT Harvest, to talk how Washington DC has become transfixed with building better cyber weapons, but not better cyber defenses.

Cyber threats cost Americans billions of dollars each year and put U.S. troops at risk. Yet, too much of the discussion about cyber security is ill informed, and even sophisticated policymakers struggle to sort hype from reality. As a result, Washington focuses on many of the wrong things. Offense overshadows defense.

National security concerns dominate the discussion even though most costs of insecurity are borne by civilians. Meanwhile, effective but technical measures like security engineering and building secure software are overlooked. In my view, cyber security policy must focus on solving the software security problem – fixing the broken stuff. We must refocus our energy on addressing the glass house problem instead of on building faster, more accurate stones to throw.

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