ANN ARBOR – Former Michigan Chief Information Security Officer Dan Lohrmann joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan to explain how all the new remote workers can connect to their office networks with letting the hackers inside. Lohrmann now works for Security Mentor.

Dan Lohrmann

Chief Strategist & Chief Security Officer at Security Mentor

* Executive advisor and management coach on cybersecurity and technology infrastructure solutions and plans.

* Lead efforts to define and develop key strategic initiatives for the company’s award-winning security awareness training offerings.

* Provide thought leadership regarding cybersecurity and online privacy trends in public and private sectors.

*Award winning top 50 global blogger, see:

* 2017 Cybersecurity Breakthrough global award for ‘CISO of the Year’ for security product and services companies. See:

* Certified C|CISO developing cutting edge content on security training for customers.

* Help key public and private sector clients on developing and improving a culture of security as well as strengthening their security awareness programs with metrics for success.

* Advisor and executive consultant to government and private sector entities on cybersecurity plans and strategic initiatives.

* Serve on several industry boards and committees, such as Michigan InfraGard Executive Board.

* Global conference speaker and workshop leader. Keynotes at major conferences from San Diego to Dubai to Wash D.C. on global cybersecurity trends, securing the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, BYOD, government best practice security, threats and solutions in defending critical infrastructure and more.

* Columnist and Blogger for Government Technology Magazine at:

* Blogger for CSO Magazine at: