GRAND RAPIDS – Cybersecurity provider VDA Labs announced it will establish its headquarters in Plainfield Township to create a central hub for its business practices.

A lab and headquarters space, as well product design and security review, came after the Michigan Economic Development Corp. awarded a $75,000 grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund.

The project is expected to generate a capital investment of $300,000 and create 25 high-wage, high-tech jobs. Michigan was chosen over competing sites in Texas, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

“VDA Labs’ decision to expand in Grand Rapids means Michigan residents will have excellent job opportunities that could have gone to other states,” said Jeff Mason, CEO of the MEDC, which administers incentives and programs on behalf of the Michigan Strategic Fund.

Vulnerability Discovery & Analysis (VDA) Labs, LLC, is a cyber company serving a diverse set of clients in Michigan, nationally and internationally. Projects include securing new tech in automobiles, conducting ethical hacking for companies to help them proactively fix bugs, monitoring alerts and conducting incident response in emergency situations, providing high-end security research for companies like Microsoft and more. The company also teaches classes in those domains privately and at major conferences.

“We’re investing in the future of our people, processes, and technology,” said Dr. Jared DeMott, founder and CEO of VDA Labs. “We continue to expand our efforts to make our customers and the world safer. Cybercrime is quickly becoming the #1 threat to businesses and people everywhere, and we’re proud to serve on the front lines of combating the threat.”

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