ROYAL OAK – There’s a new company in metro Detroit that provides the auto industry with data that was never available before – predicting automotive repair frequency that gives manufacturers, suppliers, tech companies and service provides the ability to see how their components compare to the competition – now and more importantly in the future.

The product is called Deepview and it was created by We Predict, which recently landed in Ann Arbor from London where the company was formed in 2009. We Predict has grown rapidly by using machine learning and unique predictive methodology to assist global blue-chip customers in anticipating and accelerating decisions on product, market and financial performance. Its predictive technology places the future at our clients’ fingertips. It’s empowering. It’s intelligent. It’s the future.

We Predict founder and CEO James Davies, a former Llloyds of London Insurance Professional, joins us on M2 TechCast to provide all the details.

In this interview he answers the following questions:

Why We Predict?

Tell us how Deepview works?

When will Deepview launch?

How will Deepview help automakers?

Will suppliers, dealerships, insurance providers, extended warranty and service contract providers, or other companies also benefit from Deepview?

Are there any other similar analytics tools currently available?

How accurate is Deepview?

Do you guarantee is accuracy?

How much does it cost?

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