ANN ARBOR – As the coronavirus crisis continues to disrupt the global economy, North American vehicle sales have dropped sharply, and production has come to a nearly complete stop. Given the complexity of automotive manufacturing, the tremendous capital required to restart production, and the industry’s deep global supply chains, resuming vehicle production in North America will be a complex undertaking that is likely to take place in stages. CAR researchers are tracking automaker announcements for the restart of production at the companies’ North American plants.

Restarting the automotive industry is more than just the issue of resuming production at each company’s plant, however. Automakers and suppliers need to address:

  • How does the automotive industry adjust its traditional business practices post-crisis?
  • How do companies manage and monitor workers’ health conditions?
  • Are changes needed to current inventory management?
  • How do companies evaluate and respond to supply chain risks and disruptions?
  • Does this crisis push the need for companies to reset the production process?
  • How do companies prepare to avoid another crisis impact on their business?

CAR addressed many of these issues in our recent Restart Playbook Webinar, which featured a conversation with Magna Executive Vice President and President Magna Asia, Jim Tobin, and Magna Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Aaron McCarthy.

The following map series depicts automaker announced restart dates for each company’s assembly plants as of 17 April 2020. CAR researchers will continue to monitor automaker restart announcements throughout the production ramp-up and will update these maps regularly.

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