About Anthony Sabatella

Anthony Sabatella is founder and President of THC123 that provides HRO business solutions for companies of all sizes. THC123 helps Cannabis related businesses with the ever-growing burdens of governmental compliance and business administration. It helps its customers by providing solutions to these problems, which allow business owners to grow their businesses and bottom lines.

THC123 Sponsors Legends Of The Green Conference May 11-12 In Flint

ROYAL OAK - THC123 President Anthony Sabatella talks about his business that provides employment opportunities for skilled cannabis workers as well as payroll services for cannabis businesses. THC123 also is a sponsor of the Legends of the Green conference May 11-12 in Flint. Anthony Sabatella  To listen, click on

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THC123: Helping The Cannabis Industry Navigate Through The Complexity

STERLING HEIGHTS - With the rapid growth and increasing complexity of the cannabis market, there is a growing need for business management services to help guide this industry. New players are becoming increasingly involved in the cannabis industry, who bring new innovations and perspectives to aid in advancements in learning about this medicinal plant. This

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THC123 Seeks To Work With Rapidly Growing Marijuana Business In Michigan

ROYAL OAK -  Anthony Sabatella is the founder of THC123 metro Detroit company that provides payroll and staffing solutions for the Medical Marijuana Industry. Now with voters approving the legalization of recreational Marijuana, Sabatella is expanding into helping businesses that provide cannabis to the public startup and expand. He explains all in this M2 Techcast

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