STERLING HEIGHTS – With the rapid growth and increasing complexity of the cannabis market, there is a growing need for business management services to help guide this industry.

New players are becoming increasingly involved in the cannabis industry, who bring new innovations and perspectives to aid in advancements in learning about this medicinal plant. This explosive growth, in recent years, is driven by the increasing legalization of cannabis across the world.

Anthony Sabatella 

According to Forbes, in 2017, the worldwide legal marijuana trade grew by 37 percent to a total of $9.5 billion, $8.5 billion of which was based in the United States. With the projection of legal US cannabis sales to hit $23.4 billion by 2022, exponential growth in the cannabis industry is inevitable in the forthcoming years.

In the meantime, the federal and state government, along with other regulatory bodies, are closely watching all cannabis related activities as the industry gears up for a major revolution. To aid in this industry’s advancement, THC123 was created to service cannabis related businesses to make their lives easier.

Helping Firms to Run a Successful Cannabis Business

THC123 was created to service the budding cannabis industry in the areas of payroll, staffing, and compliance through a completely outsourced Human Resource Platform.

“Our goal is to assist cannabis related businesses with the ever-growing burdens of governmental compliance and business administration,” writes Anthony Sabatella, President of THC123.

Founded in 2017, THC123 has begun to help firms grow their bottom line by providing compliance-based solutions through their outsourced business model.

“As a company driven by success, our purpose is to drive industry growth and continuity through comprehensive regulatory compliance,” writes Sabatella.

THC123 is playing a significant role helping firms manage their business processes in the quickly evolving and ever-changing market.

Changing the Negative Stigma

Even with continual discovery of the medical benefits that cannabis provides, mainstream media still portrays a negative stigma towards marijuana and tout certain scepticism about its legalization.

“The biggest deterrent to the growth of the cannabis industry is misinformation about cannabis,” Sabatella writes. “The undue censorship of our industry about the actual medicinal benefits that cannabis brings is our biggest threat.”

THC123 is highly focused on changing this stigma by implementing progressive HR policies and educating the public about the medical benefits of cannabis, which can help heal people in various ways.

“The cannabis industry is a community of healers, not dealers, and the public needs to understand the mission of the cannabis industry to truly understand where our core values stand,” writes Sabatella.

A Reliable Force for the Industry

THC123’s team brings two decades of experience in HR and Labor Law as America’s Back Office, before their transition to the cannabis industry. THC123 is uniquely placed in the market as one of the first and most reliable solution providers for the cannabis industry.

“We are unique in the fact that we are bringing over 50 HR experts who have worked together for years to provide solutions to our valued clients,” Sabatella writes.

The cannabis industry is evolving quickly, which can pose problems for most businesses. The biggest advantage for businesses who use THC123 is their adaptability. Under the THC123 service model, companies have true peace of mind that their business administration needs are handled compliantly while their firm grows and expands.

By engaging in a committed partnership aimed at mutual success, THC123 is focused on maintaining a long-lasting relationship with its clients. By satisfying both their clients’ and their respective employees’ needs, THC123 continues to deliver perpetual value to the cannabis space.

The future of cannabis legalization is unknown as experts do not have a clear understanding of how the widespread legalization will affect society, but THC123 will continue educating the public as it progresses.

“As with any cannabis industry member, the future is uncertain. We will stay authentic to our industry’s mission to provide this life-saving medicine to wonderful people along with educating the general population of the benefits of cannabis in the process. If we do that, the future is positive for all industry members.”

Anthony Sabatella is founder and President of THC123 that provides HRO business solutions for companies of all sizes. THC123 helps Cannabis related businesses with the ever-growing burdens of governmental compliance and business administration. It helps its customers by providing solutions to these problems, which allow business owners to grow their businesses and bottom lines.