DETROIT – Osram has given static light in cars, which previously could only switch on and off, a new dynamic dimension with its Osire E4633i prototype. Osire is a smart LED that provides countless design options for car manufacturers, leading to more unique and customizable in-car environments that are aesthetically pleasing and improve safety.

“Much focus is given to how the driving experience will change as technology advances, which is important, but passenger cabins will undergo a major transformation of their own, becoming a comfortable living space where people can relax, connect online or work during commutes,” said Mike Godwin, director of automotive LED marketing at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

“These environments will be fine-tuned to passengers’ comfort and preferences, making dynamic light sources crucial to enhancing the overall ride experience. Their functions will include ambient lighting and improving safety such as using color effects to draw drivers’ attention back to the road.”

Osram installed a serial control driver from Inova Semiconductors in the new Osire E4633i, in addition to the three-color chips (red, green and blue), making it easier to provide new applications in vehicles. In the lighting solution, it is now possible for a large number of separate LEDs to be controlled via a serial bus system either individually or in groups. This provides simple implementation of uniform color rendering across the entire color space, as well as dynamic light cases.
Control of the desired color and brightness has been simplified because the E4633i is pre-calibrated and can automatically correct color shifts in the red range caused by fluctuations in temperature.

The LED has an extremely compact pre-mold SMT package with a footprint of 4.6 mm x 3.3 mm x 0.7 mm. The compact package and the link to the serial bus now allow implementations with more LEDs in a much smaller space.
The prototype of the Osire E4633i will be presented for the first time at electronica 2018 in the Osram booth (booth 155) in Hall B4, Nov. 13 – 16 in Munich, Germany.