LANSING – Last week, Pfizer announced it has a Coronavirus vaccine with a reported 90% efficacy. Shortly following, Moderna announced their vaccine has similar efficacy at 95%. Though they estimate March or April 2021 before it’s widely available, it is clear that the government will be encouraging everyone to vaccinate.

Due to being in certain businesses or industries such as first line healthcare, some employers will require employee vaccination as a condition of employment. But what about employers that do not have an immediate and urgent reason to require inoculation? Employers that are not in a high health risk business may also consider asking employees to get vaccinated for the good of the employees and the business.

Some employees will balk at such a request. A Pew Research Center study conducted in September found 49% of respondents would “definitely or probably not get vaccinated at this time” if a vaccine were available.

Can an employer require the vaccination as a condition of employment or continued employment? Yes – to a point. Is this approach recommended for non-healthcare employers? It depends.

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