LANSING – Legislation codifying into state law a U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding internet sales tax provisions for online retail entities and setting other requirements has been signed into law by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

But Whitmer, in signing the bills Thursday, criticized the inclusion of language in HB 4540 (PA 143, effective January 1), HB 4541 (PA 144, effective January 1), HB 4542 (PA 145, immediate effect) and HB 4543 (PA 146, immediate effect) that bars class-action lawsuits against marketplace facilitators on behalf of Michigan consumers if related in any way to overpayment of sales or use tax.

“This is an anti-consumer provision that could allow online operators to overcharge Michiganders under the guise of collecting sales tax by depriving consumers of an effective remedy,” Whitmer said in a signing statement to legislators. “Michigan has some of the weakest consumer laws in the United States and the Legislature must take action to strengthen protections. The Legislature should also assume I will not support future laws that contain these types of anti-consumer provisions.”

This story was published by Gongwer News Service.