Airfoil Group Blog Series Focuses On AI, Machine Learning, Autonomous Driving

Airfoil Group Blog Series Focuses On AI, Machine Learning, Autonomous Driving

ROYAL OAK – Airfoil Group is working on a blog series to inform and educate Airfoil’s audience about tech trends on the horizon. It’s called In Tech Trends We Trust, (or Maybe Not). On this segment of M2 TechCast, Airfoil’s Media Strategist and Editorial Director, Tim Moynihan, and Technical Operational Supervisor, Tony Onofrio, discuss different tech trends that they’re following closely, in order to stay ahead of the curve.

In this podcast, Moynihan and Onofrio will answer:

Why the blog series is focusing on AI, Machine Learning and Autonomous Driving?

What are the potential positive/negative impacts people should be aware of when it comes to AI/Machine Learning?

How does AI/Machine Learning impact autonomous driving technology trends?

We understand how automation like self-driving cars will affect our commuting habits, what else will these changes impact?

How do marketers that represent companies at the forefront of these technologies earn their audience’s trust?

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