LANSING – With COVID-19 concerns hovering over the new school year, parents are ditching their kids’ districts and flocking to Michigan’s virtual schools.

Lighthouse Connections Academy went from 690 students last year to 2,000 students “and still coming in,” said superintendent Sherrie Buchzeiger, and it could go up to 3,500 students based on who has shown interest.

The Michigan International Prep School is projected to double in size from 750 students to roughly 1,400 or 1,500 students, said Charles Carver, the school’s director of program advancement.  

And for Michigan Connections Academy, which covers grades K-12, they’ve currently got a waitlist for each grade, said superintendent Bryan Klochack.

But one thing these schools don’t have is every state aid dollar that would come with these new students.

This update was published by the Small Business Association of Michigan.