ANN ARBOR – David Phillips, the co-founder of Podcast Detroit, died unexpectedly on Wednesday. No cause of death is yet known. Out of respect for our dear friend, M2 TechCast (MITech TV) will not air its live show Monday April 5.

His business partner and long-time friend Bob Waltenspiel reported to MITechNews Editor Mike Brennan that Dave was found unresponsive at his home about 3 pm Wednesday. When we have more details, we will share them with our audience. He will be missed by all who he touched.

“Dave was so full of life it is hard to believe he was left us,” said Brennan. “He produced our Monday show for years so we interacted with him on a weekly basis. I even traded emails with him on Tuesday, the day before he died, when he was suggesting improvements for our podcast look and feel. The picture we use in this post is the Dave I always want to remember. The life of the party.”

In 2013, Bob and Dave of IT in the D launched their own podcast without any prior listening, producing, or broadcasting experience out of a small Internet radio station in downtown Detroit.

David Phillips

Over the course of two years and 100 episodes, The IT in the D Show has grown from 4 listeners a week (our wives) to close to 300,000 weekly listeners and nearly 20M total listens.

Teaming up with Neil Nosakowski of Trinet Corporation and Activ8 Gaming fame, the trio built out the Detroit Sound Studios in Ferndale, Michigan. Knowing that just having one two-hour show per week didn’t make sense, the Podcast Detroit Network was born.

Today Podcast Detroit thrives on delivering entertaining programming, producing new podcasts, syndicating existing shows, and becoming an outlet for corporations to reach their target markets delivering easily consumable content. M2Techcast is produced by Podcast Detroit.

More at www.ITintheD.Com