LANSING – The Cannabis Regulatory Agency is hosting a webinar at 10 am Thursday Jan. 26 with Four20 Post and the Small Business Association of Michigan to help cannabis businesses get financial advice during the market consolidation roiling the Michigan adult-use market.

Are you a cannabis business looking for financial advice? If you have questions about loans, lines of credit, merchant accounts, and other issues that impact your business, the Small Business Association of Michigan and the Four20 Post invite you to join them on January 26 as they answer your questions and discuss these issues critical to your business’s success.

The presentation will be followed by a question-and-answer session which will allow the attendees to ask questions that may be answered in real-time.

Participants include:

  • Brian Calley, president and CEO, Small Business Association of Michigan
  • Mike Brennan, editor/host, Four20 Post
  • Dan Keelan, publisher, Four20 Post
  • Dan Fischer, president and CEO, Citizens State Bank

Date: Thursday, January 26, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

Place: Zoom Webinar


Passcode: 258846


USA 215 446 3656 US Toll

USA 888 363 4734 US Toll-free

Conference code: 3392693

Previous CRA Education Sessions are available on the CRA website; click here to be directed to the CRA video library.

If you or your company would like to participate in a future CRA Education Session, please email us at [email protected].