WINDSOR, Ontario – Harbour Tech answered the Canadian government’s call to shift from making precision machinery for the auto and nuclear industries to making Personal Protective Equipment such as N95 masks and hospital gowns.

HARBOUR TECHNOLOGIES LTD. is a third generation, family run company with over 45 years of manufacturing experience, specializing in custom machine tools, high tolerance tools, machining, and assembled components for the Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and Automotive industries.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of in-house engineers, designers, tool-makers, and machinists, combined with our commitment to quality and hands-on, cost effective approach are what makes us the leader in automation, assembly, and machining of components.


  • Design and build custom machines and automation
  • Precision fixtures and tooling
  • Machining and assembly
  • Flexible production work
  • Prototyping and mock ups
  • Washers and leak testers
  • Retrofits and rebuilds

Harbour�s reputation has been built on working closely with our customers by developing strategic manufacturing solutions that allow our customers to capitalize on the design and implementation of our products and processes.

ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company

At Harbour Technology, we hold ourselves to a quality level of ISO 9001-2015 plant-wide and Z299.3 in nuclear.