ANN ARBOR – Fred Brown provides details on a worldwide survey of epidemiologists. They contend that a combination of vaccines and daily home testing could allow many more people to return to their near normal lives and get us through difficult times late this year when everyone returns indoors and also contends with seasonal flu.

Fred Brown comes to the fight against the COVID-19 virus from a forty year career developing pharmaceutical solutions to infectious diseases and solving the myriad challenges involved in suppressing a viral epidemic. His skills are put to best use when the stakes are very high, the problems are complex, the numbers are large, and time is of the essence.

Fred has an unmatched ability to integrate analyses of data from medical, scientific, and economic sources, and help leaders interpret the data into action plans.

Unlike many people with academic, medical and pharmaceutical credentials, Fred is fortunate to be self-employed, and can speak his mind without regard to constraints imposed by an employer or affiliated institution. His motivation in engaging full-time with this pandemic crisis is a deep personal desire to help solve it; he has no commercial interests to advance. He believes we can’t afford to let truth be a casualty of the war against this exceptionally dangerous virus. Fred is passionately interested in beating back this catastrophe and helping the world learn how to be better prepared, henceforth, to suppress inevitable future pandemics far better than we are doing it this time.

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