ANN ARBOR – HeroProjectUSA.Org’s Veteran Advisor, Anton Harb Jr., along with Connie Maxim-Sparrow from HatchAPlanMI.Com, have cut a deal with the Cannabis Regulatory Agency to do a beta test in 2023 that would give free cannabis to Veterans suffering from PTSD and related injuries.

Hero also will work to raise money to pay for attorneys to help Veterans caught with cannabis while in the service get their less than honorable discharge expunged from their Defense Department jackets.

What’s more, Hero has co-sponsored a 1000 turkey give away Saturday Nov. 19 at LightnUpProvisioning in Flint. Ex-Red Wing Darren McCarty will be there for part of the day to say hello to his fans. Location is 4184 Pier Blvd Suite A Flint, Michigan.