ANN ARBOR – In this video interview, Lisa Vallee-Smith, who co-founded Airfoil Group in 2000, talks about all the changes at her agency since it was founded and how her agency is celebrating its 20th anniversary in October.

Also on this segment is Keith Donovan, a 13-year Airfoil veteran, who was appointed President of Airfoil Communications in 2018 when the Royal Oak-based agency reorganized into two divisions, Airfoil Digital (digital marketing) and Airfoil Communications (more traditional public relations services.)

Lisa Vallee-Smith

In this interview, Vallee-Smith and Donovan also discuss techniques they’ve used to build their clients’ brands. Plus they make predictions for where communications technology is headed.

Since its founding in 2000, Airfoil has worked with some of the world’s largest tech companies to launch businesses, brands, products, and services, including Microsoft, eBay, Altair, NVIDIA, Parrot, and EOS. In fact, Airfoil played a critical role in helping Microsoft reach business owners across the country and communicate the benefits of the company’s cloud computing platform when cloud computing was still a relatively new concept. Now, 90% of companies utilize the cloud.

Airfoil’s portfolio has also included numerous start-ups, including Duo Security, Peloton Technology, Roam HR, Carbonite, and Quantiphi. What’s more, the agency received

numerous awards, including getting named the Technology Agency of the Year by the Holmes Report.

In 2018 Airfoil launched Airfoil Digital, a sister agency, focused on digital strategies, content marketing, and demand generation. Its president is Jon Pielak.

The Airfoil team will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a series of internal and external commemorative events over the next several weeks. The celebration will culminate with the release of a “Salute to Journalists” video honoring the perseverance and dedication journalists continue to show in seeking the truth amidst the media industry’s own struggles and attacks on its credibility.

An Airfoil spokeswoman said with this video, Airfoil wants to promote news literacy and to acknowledge journalists as frontline-workers and for their commitment to delivering important information to their audiences. MITech TV’s video interview is embedded below: