David Cole: Vehicle Hacking, Electric Cars, Trump Auto Policies

David Cole: Vehicle Hacking, Electric Cars, Trump Auto Policies

ROYAL OAK – The danger of hackable cars is only accelerating, auto guru David Cole explains in this segment of M2 TechCast. The auto industry as taken a more proactive approach by hiring former black hat hackers to test its autonomous vehicle cyber security vulnerabilities, and many were found. Measure and countermeasure. The hacking game grows more intense.

He also pointed out when you drive an electric vehicle it is not zero emissions. Transforming the raw materials takes energy. Charing the vehicle comes from electric generators that use coal, wind, solar, natural gas and more. What’s happening is energy is getting converted from one form to another.

Cole also discusses President Trumps efforts to block immigrants from entering the country – immigrants that pick crops or have skills needed by the American economy. What the industry is waiting to see if if Trump will renew the $7,500 tax credit for purchasing electric vehicles.

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