LIVONIA  – Hygieia, a digital health company for insulin therapy management, has appointed Ted Bucknam as president. Bucknam will spearhead the company’s clinical expansion, working with endocrinologists, referring physicians and clinic partners throughout Michigan and the U.S.

Bucknam’s decades in healthcare operations include senior leadership positions with Concentra, Inc., a national provider of occupational medicine and urgent care services, and Solis Mammography, the nation’s largest independent provider of mammography and breast health services. At Concentra, Bucknam led the company’s transformation from an employer-based model to a consumer-facing model and helped grow the company to more than 600 clinic sites and 125,000 employer partners.

As president, he led a high-growth plan that resulted in the $1.055B sale of Concentra from Humana, Inc. to Select Medical.  Just before joining Hygieia, Ted was the chief operating officer of the private equity backed Solis Mammography.  Solis more than doubled in size during his Bucknam’s tenure as he helped lead the company through the development of infrastructure around policies, procedures, systems and a patient-focused culture.  Before leaving Solis, Bucknam assisted in the successful sale of Solis from Audax Group to Madison Dearborn Partners.

“We are fortunate to bring in Ted to lead our clinical operations,” said Eran Bashan, Ph.D., Hygieia CEO and co-founder. “Ted will guide our expansion with endocrinology clinic partners, enabling their patients to access our revolutionary d-Nav insulin management technology.”

Hygieia’s d-Nav insulin management program uses AI-powered technology to automate insulin dose adjustment. It is the first FDA-cleared technology to adjust a medication dose directly to the patient, acting as a surrogate for a physician and giving users real-time recommendations.

“Physicians need a program like d-Nav to help them manage escalating care demands. We will be developing partnerships that augment physicians’ ability to efficiently care for patients while generating high quality outcomes,” said Bucknam. “This is an exciting professional opportunity, and I’m looking forward to working with the entire Hygieia team to make this happen.”

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