ANN ARBOR – GenomeNext has embedded Genomenon’s Mastermind search results in its Olympus Platform to simplify and accelerate variant curation for genomic analysis.

Efficacious variant interpretation is a critical but challenging requirement to translate genomics into clinical care and medical discovery. Variant curation remains a very labor-intensive bottleneck often requiring inefficient, manual processes that can result in missed information and delays in diagnosis. Integrating Mastermind with GenomeNext’s Olympus Platform dramatically improves and accelerates variant curation, further streamlining automation of genomic analysis and interpretation.

The scientific references for each variant, identified across full-text publications and abstracts, and a direct link to the search results in Mastermind, are integrated and seamlessly automated within the Olympus genomic analysis platform.

GenomeNext has integrated the Mastermind search results directly into the Olympus Platform, complementing the existing market-leading bioinformatic analysis pipelines, to accelerate and automate variant curation required for clinical genomic interpretation.  For each DNA variant discovered, Olympus seamlessly annotates how many literature references were found by the Mastermind search engine and provides a direct link to access the search results for more detailed literature review. Further, the results can be filtered based upon disease, gene and clinical significance, including diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information.

GenomeNext and Genomenon also announced a reseller agreement where GenomeNext will sell Mastermind Professional Edition to its Olympus users as part of the Olympus suite.

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