DETROIT – Plex Systems has debuted its Plex Industrial IoT suite of solutions aimed at solving solutions on the shop floor.

Plex Industrial IoT connects machines to the cloud, manages the resulting data streams, and contextualizes the information in real time. The first available offering will focus on asset performance management, helping companies avoid manufacturing disruption caused by common problems like unplanned downtime, diminished machine performance, and substandard quality output.

“Operational excellence is foundational to a manufacturer’s ability to meet quality requirements, efficiency goals and productivity measures,” said Richard Murray, chief product officer of Plex Systems. “Plex is lowering the barrier to entry for manufacturers to realize the benefits offered by IIoT by creating a plug-and-play offering. This solution suite will level the playing field for big and small manufacturers alike.”

Plex’s new solution enables manufacturers to implement and leverage connectivity in the era of Industry 4.0, breaking down siloes created by varying protocols and data types used by equipment and sensors by simplifying the connection to machines and the contextualization of data. Plex Industrial IoT grants access to the underlying machine intelligence, delivering to manufacturers timely and accurate insight in a single solution, eliminating operational surprises.

In other news, Plex also announced it has opened an office in Prague.  The office will provide services and support for the growing number of Plex customers with plants in Europe.  The Prague office is the sixth global location for Plex. The company currently has four offices located in the United States and one in India.