Pixo Releases Virtual Reality Safety Training For Utility Companies

Pixo Releases Virtual Reality Safety Training For Utility Companies

ROYAL OAK – Pixo VR announced the release of its Gas Meter Safety Inspection Virtual Reality Training, which the company said is the first commercially available release from PIXO’s library of licensable enterprise VR training programs.

The company’s VR application platform, comprised of pre-built components, will enable Pixo to rapidly develop additional enterprise VR training modules for those working in utilities, nuclear facilities, manufacturers, construction, first responders, and others with complex procedures.

This is the first time enterprise VR training is being made commercially available, for a small monthly fee, without the cost of custom development.

“Pixo is committed to developing and deploying the most immersive, collaborative and engaging enterprise VR training modules, and providing a uniquely effective training alternative for industries where real-world training conditions are complex, dangerous, expensive or otherwise hard to simulate,” said Sean Hurwitz, CEO of Pixo VR. “Our proprietary platform improves efficiency in developing training lessons. It’s accessible through a cloud based content distribution system, making this a powerful and cost effective option for training providers. We’re excited to offer the Gas Meter Safety Inspection Training module to natural gas companies now, and to expand our training offerings across industries as we grow our content library.”

Gas meter safety inspection is one of the first, and most critical, training sessions provided to new hires working in natural gas companies. PIXO’s gas meter training module provides an effective way to expose new hires to millions of scenarios in a fraction of the time. Trainees embark on a virtual route where they locate and report on common and uncommon defects, in a highly realistic 3D environment.

The randomized scenarios presented in the module provide a unique experience for each user, every time they train, and the trainers have access to user management, reporting, and analytics to monitor trainees’ performance, accuracy, and progress over time.

Pixo’s gas meter training module is already being used by Chicago-based Peoples Gas, which provides training to 1,600 utility workers and fire officials, and vocational training to Chicago Public Schools students.

“The Peoples Gas training team was looking for innovative, engaging, effective ways to train new team members, especially as we prepare for a large portion of our workforce to retire and a new generation of workers to begin their careers,” said Ray Deatherage, manager of technical training at Peoples Gas & North Shore Gas Co. “Pixo’s VR training enables us to train workers on natural gas leak investigation, emergency response, pipeline locating, pipeline installation, meter installation, corrosion activities and safety inspections. It is the right solution to help us build for the future, increase retention, decrease errors and maintain our excellent record of reliability and safety.”

Pixo VR designs AAA game-quality, licensable virtual reality training modules. Utilities, nuclear facilities, manufacturers, construction, first responders, and others with complex procedures rely on Pixo VR’s expertise to create immersive, realistic, and cost-effective learning programs.

Pixo’s proprietary technology significantly reduces creation time and cost, optimizes performance, and reduces sickness-causing lag.

More at www.pixovr.com.

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