ANN ARBOR – Yup, that’s right. Barn Owl Drone Services uses drones to find male hemp plants in fields. Owners Jaron and Sarah Hinkley explain in this video how they do that. If you’re a hemp farmer, you’re going to want to see this because Barn Owl Drone can save you time and money….and your hemp crop as well.

Barn Owl Drone Services is a company focused on Agriculture, the surrounding communities, and all invested in the industry. Founded in 2017, after seeing a lack of technological support for farmers in rural areas; we provide farm specific service plans to help farmers capitalize on growth opportunities and prevent crop damage. Learn about their male hemp plant detection technology!

Barn Owl Drone Services believes that food has the ability to bring us together. Sharing a meal with friends and family, your community, or someone new is opportunity to create connections, learn new things, laugh, and sometimes talk politics.

Tat farmers throughout the world are faced with challenges, now and for the future, that are difficult and potentially heartbreaking. Farmers are often forgotten about when we are sharing a meal and left behind in the world of technology and data. Despite all of the barriers facing the world of Agriculture, we believe that our farmers will rise to the challenge.