GRAND RAPIDS – The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a hot topic, and one you are likely hearing and/or reading about often. At OST, we are knee deep in several IoT projects  with our customers, and have a few under our belt already, such as the JCI project. We understand IoT is a complex topic, so one of our resident experts, Aaron Kamphuis, along with a guests on certain topics, took the time to break down just a few subject areas.

The seven part series on IoT was recently completed on the OST Kitchen Blog. If you missed any part of the series, catch up here! A wide variety of topics have been covered, ranging from investment to testing requirements.

Part I: Internet of Things…Are We All Doing It Wrong?

Part II: Creating a Better User Experience is Crucial for the Success of an IoT Product.

Part III: How Do You Justify an IoT Investment?

Part IV: Utilizing a Layered Testing Approach is Key to Building an IoT System

Part V: Platform Selection is Critical to the Success of an IoT Product

Part VI: IoT Platforms…Which Type is Right For My Product?

Part VII: IoT Projects Require a Different Approach to Security

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