DETROIT – The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is a technological evolution which is going to enable the expansive imagination of a generation of new internet-based technologies. Driven by human, societal, and economic influences, IIOT  will be an active enabler to connect different communities across the world for a cohesive generation of new technologies.

The most important role IoT (the more general way of describing connected devices) will play will be it’s active impact and relations to the parameteres related to life like “quality of life index”. The  Quality of Life Index focuses on things like: material well being, health, climate and geography, community life, and family life. Material wellbeing includes GDP per person; health includes life expectancy; climate and geography include the changing weather patterns of the atmosphere.

The true impact of IoT lies in between establishing the relations between different life-based parameters. The connection between “IoT-Humanity-Life” truly lie in analyzing the effects of the utilization of IoT based technologies on “humanity and the aspects related to their lives” which results in a specific transparent cause to effect relation of “IoT and quality of life.”

IoT will create an edge for humanity after it’s specific utilization in providing better quality of air, increasing life expectancy, optimizing the global food chains of tomorrow, creating more sustainable and safer homes, and creating a more affordable lifestlye for any person.

Hear Dan Keelan interview Monish Jirge

The project will also survey our audience of business owners and leaders to measure and report on the opportunities that exist for parners and other service providers … all of this with an eye to reporting on, supporting, and facilitating business growth.

We are kicking off the series in July with a focus on the Midwest US and Ontario.

This region continues to see a reinvention of itself and offers great opportunities for jobs, investors, entrepreneurs, and providers of business products and services. Our first guest blog features Monish Jirge. His focus on  IIoT is a great example of how the midwest can lead in areas of advanced manufacturing and engineering.