Airfoil Group’s Moynihan Explains PR For The Digital Age – Underscore Video

ROYAL OAK – The role of Public Relations has expanded dramatically. In this new world, PR agencies must keep new things in mind in order to succeed. They must also be nimble enough to adapt to future disruptions, because the Digital Age simply doesn’t stand still, so says Tim Moynihan from Airfoil Group.

Moynihan, based in New York, is Airfoil’s Editorial Services & Media Strategist

While the Digital Age has redefined the ways we connect, create and collaborate, the fundamentals of effective PR still apply. With nearly two decades of experience developing innovative, data-driven campaigns for brands in several industries, Airfoil can help you engage and motivate your ideal audience. 

Airfoil’s eGuide shares insights on:

  • Why social is the new Google
  • How to prepare for the video-first revolution
  • The best platforms to capture the attention of journalists
  • Social media

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