ANN ARBOR – ROFX advertises itself as a revolutionary forex trading platform that is guaranteed to make a lot of money for its users. It’s based on a neural network that allows users with little to no trading experience to be successful.

ROFX was started in 2009 by a team of highly skilled forex traders and software developers. In the following review, we will take a look at all the features and advantages of this trading platform.

Salient Features of ROFX

  • Easy Initiation: Traders can get started quickly on the platform, with a seamless signing up process. They can start a 30-day short-term investment trial to get acquainted.
  • Different Account sizes: Users have several different account options when getting started. Opening an account is free. However, users need to deposit a certain amount to begin using the service.
Account TypeTrialEasy StartMoney MakerGoldVIP
Minimum Deposit$1000-$5000$5000-$10000$10000-$50000$50000-$100000$100000 and above
Performance Fee60%50%35%25%15%
Lock Period30 Days70 Days270 Days270 Days270 Days


  • Guaranteeing Security of Deposited Funds: ROFX regularly amends its reserve funds to ensure the security of the funds deposited with it.
  • Ensuring Transparency: Everything about ROFX is transparent and upfront, including its charges. There are no additional hidden fees that users have to think about.
  • Profit Daily: Users can withdraw their profits daily. They do not need to wait out a definite period before they can start earning their profits as in other trading platforms.
  • Minimum Risks: ROFX’s central policy is to be a “no loss forex robot.” To ensure that losses are kept at a minimum, it has an automatic stop-loss system that stops trading when things go south. This feature is especially ideal for novice traders.

Why use ROFX? – Advantages

  • Its beginner-friendly: The forex market is competitive and requires quite a lot of experience for manual traders to start earning profits. For beginner traders, using a complex trading platform can make things more complicated. ROFX focuses much on providing a safe yet efficient platform catered toward novice and experienced traders alike. Along with a seamless, intuitive user interface, favorable trading conditions, and additional educational resources, ROFX provides a platform that can help a novice trader succeed.
  • Efficient and Proven Trading Strategy: The automated trading strategy which ROFX uses is proven, allowing the user to skip the trial and error method that they usually
  • Eliminates Human Error: One of the main reasons why traders prefer Expert Advisors because it eliminates human error. ROFX makes use of its automated trading rules, which does the trading for them. As a result, their trading decisions are not affected by emotions, such as greed or fear.
  • Minimized emotions: Traders have to be in control of their emotions at times. This is easier said than done and requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Through ROFX, traders do not have to worry about this.
  • Consistent trading: Because the trading rules are implemented automatically, it allows for consistent trading.

Trading Record of ROFX on Myfxbook

To provide transparency to potential customers, ROFX provides live trading statistics on myfxbook, which is an authoritative and trustworthy site. The account has been operating since July 30th, 2018, and is regularly updated. It started with a deposit of $10000000. The current balance is $67949016.

The account has gained +579.49% with an equity of 100%. The drawdown is very low at 0.35%, which is preferable for an EA. A more significant drawdown rate is indicative of a high-risk strategy that may blow the user’s account.

The daily profit is 0.26%. This account, in total, has amassed a profit of $57949016. The myfxbook page for ROFX provides many other exciting and useful charts and statistics that further prove its legitimacy.

Is ROFX a scam?

After looking at the various aspects of this trading platform, such as the live trading statistics, verification charts, and the profit level in myfxbook, ROFX showcases all the characteristics of a profitable Expert Advisor. Because they are committed to transparency, having a myfxbook allows them to prove the claims that they make to potential customers.


Expert Advisors have started helping novice traders be competitive and earn profits in the forex market. However, the success of a trader depends significantly on the quality of the expert advisor they choose. Hence they should always take a look at the essential features, advantages, and live trading results before they make a final decision.

ROFX is also regulated and is a registered entity providing high-quality trading services to customers globally. Users do not have to download any additional software if they want to start. They can go ahead and create a free account on their official webpage, after which they are redirected to its different price packages.