Trump, Trudeau Signal Support For Howe Bridge Between Detroit, Windsor

Trump, Trudeau Signal Support For Howe Bridge Between Detroit, Windsor

WASHINGTON DC – In a joint statement issued Monday by President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the two leaders said the Gordie Howe International Bridge between Detroit and Windsor will be a “vital economic link” between the United States and Canada.

Trump becomes the third consecutive president to consider construction of the bridge, which has been a controversial issue in Michigan, important to U.S. economic development.

The statement from the two leaders was part of a broader joint statement that included comments on issues such as border security, energy policy, the environment, and encouraging women entrepreneurs. Not among those issues mentioned were policies on admitting refugees in the two countries.

In terms of the Howe Bridge, the statement said the project will mean “opportunities for companies in both countries to create jobs” through infrastructure projects.

“In particular, we look forward to the expeditious completion of the Gordie Howe International Bridge, which will serve as a vital economic link between our two countries,” the statement said.

A lawsuit against the bridge’s construction has been filed in the state’s Court of Claims by the owners of the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, charging construction of the bridge violates the state’s Constitution because the Legislature did not authorize the bridge’s construction.

The owners of the Ambassador Bridge have been trying to get clearance to build their own second span adjacent to the Ambassador Bridge, but have not gotten all clearances required, especially from Canada.

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