ROYAL OAK – Airfoil Group, a technology public relations company, has added a new twist by launching Airfoil Digital, that uses Demand Generation, Content Marketing and User Experience to help clients make small tweaks to their messages that deliver large impact. Airfoil Digital President Jon Pielak explains.

Jon Pielak 

Airfoil Digital focuses work in three key areas:  

1. Demand Generation: (Airfoil Digital drives and measures results using proven tactics, methodologies, platforms and partnerships. From basics like SEM/SEO to complex attribution models).

2. Content Marketing: (Airfoil Digital helps build community momentum by creating and scheduling meaningful content across a wide variety of online channels. Content can include social, video, podcasting, data visualization, messaging and blogging).

3. User Experience: (Airfoil Digital assess, tests, refines, rebuilds and deploys highly sophisticated yet simple user experiences across a wide range of platforms – from web and commerce to social, AR and experiential.)

 At the top of the funnel, Airfoil Digital help clients see a degree of cohesion and elevated levels of recognition. When it comes to driving demand, there’s a number of facets that influence lead generation and sales, not least of which being accurate insights. Working with Airfoil Digital businesses will be able to consolidate and automate as much of the insights, communication, conversion and follow through as possible for much better communications results.

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