MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ca. – Perceptions of the self-employed tend to go one of two ways. Either you believe self-employed workers have the best job ever, with a flexible schedule that allows them to take time off whenever they want, or you think they’re total workaholics, taking their job on vacation or to the family dinner table.

For many self-employed workers, it’s a balancing act between the two, particularly when working for yourself means working from home.

In an effort to better understand the unique challenges that self-employed people face—not just how they find time for vacations but what their routines are, what benefits they give themselves, and more—QuickBooks Self-Employed surveyed 1,000 self-employed individuals from around the U.S. More than half (56%) were full-time self-employed, while 19% had a part-time job on the side, and another 17% worked full-time and did their self-employed work part-time. The 8% remaining were no longer self-employed but had been so previously.

With those statistics in mind, here’s what these self-employed workers had to say about their work-life balance.

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