SPLT Wins Grand Prize – $500,000 – At Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition

DETROIT – Ride sharing SPLT won the $500,000 top prize Thursday night at the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, while Autobooks, an accounting application, was named second, collecting a check for $100,000. JOOL Health, a mobile-healthcare application, at third, won $50,000.

Companies named as top presenters in each category won $25,000 each. The winners are:

  • ProNav
  • Cosign
  • Sentinl
  • Movellus Circuits
  • Lunar Labs
  • VoyHoy

SPLT founder, Anya Babbitt, moved the company from New York to Detroit. SPLT is a ride sharing mobile app service that connects co-workers traveling along similar routes to work. The service has since morphed to partner with businesses to, say, make it easier for folks without good transportation options to make it to medical appointments.

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