SOUTHFIELD – The MCWT Wednesday announced its MCWT Scholarship Fund. The MCWT Foundation made an initial $25,000 contribution to the fund in 2019 and several of the organization’s past presidents stepped up to collectively match the starting amount.

Leveraging the passion, energy and commitment of MCWT’s board and past leadership, Jane Sydlowski, 2019 MCWT president, served as the impetus to establishing this long-term student support.

“One of our goals for 2019 was to ensure the longevity of the MCWT scholarship program,” said Sydlowski. “I am excited that the MCWT Board made this significant commitment to education and grateful to the amazing former presidents whose legacy lives on through their financial generosity for the scholarship in perpetuity. People may not know that these former MCWT presidents left their handprints throughout the MCWT, positively impacting thousands of girls and women’s lives.”

At its current level, the MCWT Scholarship Fund will continually support two $500 annual student awards. Sydlowski says the goal is a balance of at least $50,000 and an endowment that will generate, at minimum, two $1,000 annual scholarships.

Besides the contribution from the MCWT Foundation, the following past MCWT presidents generously donated:

  • Jane Sydlowski, 2019 MCWT president
  • Rebecca Bray, 2018 MCWT president
  • Carey Pachla, 2017 MCWT president
  • Cindy Warner, 2015 MCWT president
  • Maru Flores, 2012 MCWT president
  • Marcy Klevorn, 2010 MCWT president
  • Adriana Karaboutis, 2008 MCWT president
  • Cherri Musser, 2006 MCWT president
  • Rosemary Bayer, 2000 MCWT founder

“Congratulations to all of the former MCWT presidents who have worked tirelessly to nurture and grow the MCWT organization and who have now deepened their commitment,” said Marcy Klevorn, Ford Motor Company’s former president of mobility. “The MCWT experience is to educate these students as girls, engage them as young women and empower them throughout their career. This scholarship will help make Michigan the number-one state for women in technology.”

Female Michigan students attending a Michigan university can learn more about qualifying for an MCWT scholarship here. Applications are accepted each year between October 1 and January 31.