Drone Maker To Sell $16,500 Drone For Farmers To Monitor Crops

Drone Maker To Sell $16,500 Drone For Farmers To Monitor Crops

MONROVIA, Ca. – An autonomous drone that allows farmers to monitor their crops to detect issues and improve efficiency is now available on Amazon.

The commercial drone comes with a one-year subscription to AeroVironment’s decision support software, included in the $16,500 price tag.

The supplemental software allows farmers to monitor their crops in order to detect issues and improve efficiency, according to the company’s website.

AeroVironment is a leading manufacturer of defense and commercial drones, electric car solutions and other unmanned systems.

AeroVironment CEO Wahid Nawabi Nawabi took also pointed out the company’s defense solutions, one of which is its 10-year-old Switchblade product, a drone that helps the U.S. military monitor its adversaries and can transform into a missile on command.

But AeroVironment is also a quiet leader in the electric car trend, the CEO said. The company’s electric car charging product has forged partnerships with nine of the world’s top automakers.

“This represents a significant, large, multi-billion-dollar opportunity for us globally in the years to come,” Nawabi said. “It’s small, compact, indoor-outdoor, UL-certified, safe, and we are in the leading position in this market for both residential and commercial applications of electric vehicle charging.”


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