Connecticut Looking At Weaponizing Drones For Police Use

Connecticut Looking At Weaponizing Drones For Police Use

STAMFORD – Connecticut officials are considering equipping drones with “deadly” weapons for use by local police, the Associated Press has reported.

North Dakota is presently the only state in which police can weaponize drones, but they are restricted to non-fatal equipment like stun guns, according to the AP.

“Obviously this is for very limited circumstances,” said Republican state Sen. John Kissel, co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee that approved the measure and sent it to the House of Representatives.

He said he envisions the weaponized drones being used in cases like a “rogue shooter” tormenting a campus, or in the event of a kidnapping. The drones could also help blow a perpetrator’s tire out (presumably during a car chase), he added.

The US isn’t the only country looking to use drones to uphold civility: Earlier this year Japan began testing drones to assist citizens in the event of a natural disaster.

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