ROYAL OAK – Drone Law Pro Enrico Schaefer just got back from the InnerDrone Conference in Las Vegas and talks about the latest news from commercial drone operators. More than 5,000 folks attended, including the FAA Chairman, who updated drone regulations. Anti-drone technology was hot, Enrico said, such as shooting a net and dragging a rogue drone to the ground.  This model cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it had such sophisticated technology it never misses, something for the military, police and outdoor stadium operators to consider when evaluating anti-drone devices.

Companies are starting to take a hard look at developing internal commercial drone operations to maintain competitive advantages over other companies that have not developed commercial drone capabilities. In short, the commercial drone business is taking off.

The FAA also granted emergency permission for private drone operators to fly over Houston, after Hurricane Harvey, to aid first responders to identify victims, dispatch emergency service providers and more.

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