WASHINGTON DC – So when will the National Security Agency fix its leaking problem. Not this week reports showed a virtual disk image belonging to the NSA – essentially the contents of a hard drive – was left exposed on a public Amazon Web Services storage server.

The server contained more than 100 gigabytes of data from an Army intelligence project codenamed “Red Disk,” ZDNet first reported.

The server was unlisted, but it didn’t have a password, which meant that anyone who found it could dig through the government’s secret documents. That’s exactly what happened in late September when Chris Vickery, director of cyber risk research at security company UpGuard, discovered the server. He alerted the government in October.

It was on the AWS subdomain “inscom,” an abbreviation for the US Army Intelligence and Security Command.

“It was as simple as typing in a URL,” Vickery said. “This data was top secret classification, as well as files obviously related to US intelligence networks. It’s stuff used to target people for death, and it was all available in a URL.”

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