CLARKSTON – The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan has partnered with WorkFountain to implement the MTAM Talent Exchange, a cutting-edge matching technology that has transformed the recruitment process and streamlines how employers and candidates connect during the job / internship search process.

Talent attraction is a key challenge facing the business community, particularly in the mobile and wireless (connected) technology space, and MTAM is pleased to offer this state-of-the-art technology platform to its members and the connected technologies community in Michigan. The MTAM Talent Exchange uses sophisticated matching algorithms to connect employers to candidates based on skills, interests and requirements. Using correlated question-sets directed to both employers and candidates, the platform systematically aligns talent with opportunity.

“Locating quality talent for available positions – whether jobs or internships – is increasingly a challenge in every field related to mobile/wireless (connected) technologies,” said Linda Daichendt, Executive Director, Mobile Technology Association of Michigan.

“With industry analysts anticipating a shortage of 500,000 people to fill connected tech jobs nationally by 2020, and approximately 20 percent of that shortage – or 100,000 jobs – expected here in Michigan, we at MTAM believe it is extremely important to offer the businesses in Michigan every possible tool we can to help employers meet their staffing needs,” she said. “Therefore, MTAM is very happy to partner with WorkFountain to offer a cutting-edge tool that will assist in the recruitment process,”

The MTAM Talent Exchange is focused on the small to mid-sized business employer community because they are precisely the firms most in need of talent to fill open positions, yet typically the most challenged in finding it. Just over 50 percent of private-sector jobs, and nearly two-thirds of the nation’s net new jobs over the past 15 years, have been created by small to mid-sized businesses. While these firms create the majority of new jobs, they generally lack human resource departments and the relationships with emerging talent pools required to source the talent they need to grow.

To solve that sourcing issue, the MTAM Talent Exchange ensures that employers are connected to the most qualified applicants, while candidates for jobs or internships get matched to opportunities that best fit their unique profiles. Because the system provides unbiased, correlated matches, the playing field is leveled and candidates and employers are exposed to each other in ways they historically would not have been. Consequently, the WorkFountain platform maximizes employers’ abilities to reach a large and diverse candidate pool while ensuring equal access to opportunities for all candidates.

The system is being used by thousands of employers and tens of thousands of candidates from across the country, and is growing rapidly.

For more information, please contact Linda Daichendt, Executive Director/CEO, Mobile Technology Association of Michigan, at: