PLYMOUTH – Rivian, a Michigan startup that could become the first automaker to bring an all-electric pickup truck to market, is patenting an interesting modular box system for its R1T electric pickup truck.

The company is working to bring its vehicles to market by the end of next year and in the meantime, we have been learning more about the accessories that they are working on based on some patent applications they have been filling.

Last month, we reported on Rivian patenting a “removable auxiliary battery” to add more range in its truck.

Now, we learn of Rivian applying for a patent called “Systems and Methods for reconfigurable electric vehicles”, which consist of a modular system for the R1T’s bed.

Rivian sees a need for an easily reversible system to configure the back of a pickup truck in different ways for multiple uses.

They believe that it could be especially useful for a shared vehicle program – hinting at offering its vehicles under such a scheme.

According to examples in the patent application, the system can turn the back into a regular flat bed, a cargo box utility module, a topper module, a recreational camper top module and the removable side rail module:

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