ROYAL OAK – Deliver My Ride, the online car buying service launched by Peter Karmanos Jr.’s tech firm, MadDog Technology, is a modern alternative to the traditional car buying process. The platform creates a convenient, unbiased, and pressure-free way to buy or lease a new car online. Deliver My Ride provides today’s car shopper all the tools necessary to buy or lease a new vehicle, from dealer inventory, on their terms.

Automotive industry veteran Michael McInerney joins M2 Techcast to discuss his newly enhanced platform.

Deliver My Ride offers:
* An online shopping experience like other e-commerce sites, modernizing the car buying experience
* Pre-negotiated pricing, guaranteeing a competitive deal
* Normalized equipment terms to easily compare multiple models and brands, side by side
* Penny-specific pricing and payments, including dealer fees and state taxes
* Do-it-yourself calculators to customize the payments most suitable for each, unique customer
* A built-in credit application, significantly shortening the approval process
* Free delivery of your new car directly to your home or office, just like a package from Amazon.

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