Auto Guru Cole Talks Future Of Electric Vehicles, CAFE, NAFTA, Autonomous Car Development

ROYAL OAK – What is the powertrain of the future? Will it be all electric? Hybrids? The answer is we don’t know the answer, Auto industry expert David Cole, chairman of Auto Harvest, explains in this edition of M2 TechCast. The battery remains the Achilles Heel for auto electrification, he said. A solid state battery is on the horizon and could solve the rate of charge and range for these advanced technology vehicles.

In this interview, Cole also discussed the debate around lowering the Corporate Average Fuel Standards in Washington DC. Also the North American Free Trade Agreement. President Trump wants to make changes on both. And both would disrupt the Michigan auto industry.

He also discussed the latest on Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility. Ford and GM are leading the way on both, surprisingly. Tesla the poster child for driverless cars is below the median.

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