Auto Guru Cole Talks Autonomous Vehicles – How Michigan Leads Its Development

ROYAL OAK – World renown auto expert David Cole, Chairman of Auto Harvest, an Ann Arbor-based web-based innovation ecosystem focused on autos and manufacturing, talks about a study that rated the auto companies on how well they are doing in autonomous vehicle technology. Ford and GM were Nos. 1 and 2. Michigan is working hard to become the nation’s center for this technology leveraging the technology that comes out of MCity at the University of Michigan and a new driverless car vehicle testing center at the Willow Run Airport.

Cole is Chairman Emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), formerly the founder and head of The Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation (OSAT) at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Dr. Cole has also successfully collaborated in the start-up of five Ann Arbor-based companies. His technical and policy consulting experience includes diverse assignments for industry, labor, national and international government.

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