About Thomas Parker

Thomas Parker is responsible for INFICON’s automotive sales in North America, supporting the company’s growing focus and investment in the automotive market. Parker previously had been the company’s leak-detection segment manager for the eastern United States. He joined INFICON in 2006 as a key account manager in Atlanta. Prior to that, he served as a technical sales representative at W.L. Schoonover Inc. in Canton, Georgia.

Leak Detection For Electric Vehicles Is Critical For Safety And Quality

DETROIT - More than 80 percent of all automotive leak testing relies on out-of-date methodology. Water-bath tests have been used in the auto industry for more than 125 years for example, but are not suitable on today’s production lines. Modern assembly lines require faster and much more accurate methods to ensure quality. Although it’s important

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Automotive Leak Testing Enters The 21st Century

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - INFICON has published an e-book in response to requests for help in replacing antiquated leak-test processes. For example, more than 80 percent of all automotive leak testing relies on outdated pressure-decay or water-bath leak-detection methods. Auto manufacturers and suppliers create and integrate some of the most sophisticated products in the world, yet

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