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Republicans Request Emergency Stay On Redistricting Ruling

LANSING - Michigan Republicans have asked the three-judge panel that ruled last week the Legislature must redraw maps for Michigan's 14 U.S. House seats, the Michigan Senate and the Michigan House for an emergency stay of the ruling. The motion for an emergency stay and immediate consideration was filed Friday by most of the state's

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Report: No ‘Appreciable Improvement’ Expected In Roads In Next Decade

LANSING - Even with the 2015 road funding plan fully implemented, no "appreciable improvement" is expected in the state's roads and bridges during the next 12 years, with 41 percent of all paved federal-aid roads in poor condition currently, the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council said Friday. The report was submitted to the Legislature, State Transportation Commission

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Whitmer Scholarship Proposals Net Business Support

LANSING - Scholarship program plans unveiled last month by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in her State of the State address for increasing access to postsecondary education picked up the backing of multiple business groups Thursday. Business Leaders for Michigan, the Detroit Regional Chamber, the Grand Rapids Chamber and the Small Business Association of Michigan announced they supported the

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Judge Blocks Upcoming Deadline For Unlicensed Medical Cannabis Shops To Close

LANSING - The saga of unlicensed medical marijuana facilities continues this week as a judge blocked the state's upcoming March 31 deadline for an estimated 50 provisioning centers to close. At least six provisioning centers, some of which were denied licenses by the Medical Marihuana Licensing Board and are going through or plan to go

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Study: Most Of Michigan Faces Unaffordable Insurance Rates

LANSING - Though insurance rates in Detroit have long been a target of reform proponents, nearly the entire state faces rates deemed unaffordable under federal standards, a report from the University of Michigan Poverty Solutions said. The U.S. Department of Treasury Insurance Office says insurance rates of more than 2 percent of median annual income for a

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Whitmer Sets Up New Marijuana Agency, Axes Medical Licensing Panel

LANSING -  The much-criticized Medical Marihuana Licensing Board's days are numbered after an executive order Governor Gretchen Whitmersigned Friday eliminating it and creating the Marijuana Regulatory Agency to handle medical and recreational pot moving forward. Through the order, Whitmer eliminates the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation and replaces it with the Marijuana Regulatory Agency to handle both

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Whitmer’s Next Move Unclear After Senate Overturns Executive Order On DEQ Restructuring

LANSING - By midday Thursday Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer was faced with a challenge not placed before an occupant of the governor's office in more than a generation: full rejection of an executive order. The Senate's 22-16 party-line vote in the Republican-controlled Senate on HCR 1, rejecting the governor's proposed restructuring of the Department of Environmental Quality and

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Michigan Road Funding Political Talks Provide Sharp Differences Between Republicans, Democrats

GRAND RAPIDS – A bipartisan panel of four top legislators Friday saw divided reaction to a proposal from former legislative leaders for a 47-cent increase in the gasoline tax over time, but also some consensus on the need to change how the state funds its roads. At the Michigan Press Association's annual conference, House Majority

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Some More Money For State, But Growth Slowing In Coming Years

LANSING - Michigan officials will have some more money to work with through the remainder of the 2018-19 fiscal year and for the upcoming 2019-20 fiscal year, but not much more, the state's Revenue Estimating Conference decided on Friday. But that additional revenue growth will be the product of slowing overall economic growth in both

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Former Michigan House Speaker: Should Have Gone Slower On Income Tax Cut

LANSING - In reviewing his two years leading the House, former Speaker Tom Leonard said in a recent interview he could have gone slower on the income tax cut he pushed in early 2017, which was defeated, though he does not regret putting the bill up for a vote. In the first bill to be

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