LIVONIA – WorkForce Software has rolled out a new suite that lets employees view and customize information directly from their employers on laptops, tablet or mobile devices.

An employee can open their employer app and see exactly what they want in the format that they want. This could be pay, bonuses, commissions, time and attendance, scheduling, sick days available, company news, departments news, performance indicators. They can prioritize how they want.

“This is the most impactful launch we’ve ever had,” said Joe Ross, vice president of Global Product Management. “We’re not abandoning what we’ve done in the past 20 years. We’re innovating.”
Ross said the $100 million privately held company hopes to grow its revenues 25 to 30 percent this year because of the suite enhancements.

WorkForce Software is one of the world largest workforce management providers and they work with many of the world largest brands. The technology will be used by millions, Ross predicts.

The WorkForce Suite capabilities include:
Time and Attendance
Absence, Leave, and Accommodations
Labor Forecasting
Universal Compliance
Data Capture
Analytics and Insights
Employee Self-Service and Assistants
Employee Productivity and Labor Tracking
HCM and ERP Integrations

“WorkForce suite facilitates small interactions between employees and employers,” said Ross. “Millions of employees engaging with us. As they clock in or out, helps to get paid. Request vacation. Who they work with.”

Ross said WorkForce Software has been in business for 20 years refining the rules for paying and scheduling employees.

“The power of solution is in flexibility,” he said. “To embrace customers’ uniqueness. We delivery every rule, every schedule, every time.”

Now WorkForce Software has upped its game by offering enterprise grade flexibility along with some consumer grade flexibility. Look to insure intimidate interactions between employees and employers. Ross said it provides new workforce software user experience more like Instagram and Spotify than enterprise software.

“We’re offering a solution that is device agnostic,” he said. “It’s Mobile first. But can be used with tablets, desktops – it doesn’t matter. It’s a unified experience. We provide new capability on the workforce hub. It’s a one-stop shop. The hub engages with the schedule.”

Ross said WorkForce Software also is introducing innovative capabilities to support managers to make managers more productive in the moment. It provides a prioritized task list and real-time transactions.

“Our systems are intended to serve any kind of employee. We focus on large enterprises, 5000 and above,” Ross said. “Those employees can be full-time, part-time, freelance, and contract. It also tracks absentees and time off.”

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