WASHINGTON DC – President-elect Joe Biden is hoping to push a massive COVID-19 relief bill through Congress in the first few months of his presidency, an ambitious plan that could meet rough partisan headwinds.

Here are the sections of the bill that could prove to be a windfall for the tech industry.

  • $130 billion to help schools reopen safely: Some of this money could shore up schools’ remote-learning capabilities. The funds could help to “close the digital divide that is exacerbating inequities during the pandemic,” according to the document.
  • $9 billion to expand the Technology Modernization Fund: This money would help the U.S. launch new IT and cybersecurity shared services at the Cyber Security and Information Security Agency and General Services Administration. This is an important move following the historic SolarWinds hack, and major companies like Amazon and Microsoft.
  •  $300 million for IT projects at the General Services Administration: This would bolster IT projects across the government.
  • $200 million to hire technology and cyber experts: The government could hire hundreds of tech and cyber experts to support the federal chief information security officer and U.S. Digital Service.
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