ROCHESTER—The Foundation, the Oakland Township-based open-source computer nonprofit, has announced the availability of BeagleBone AI, the newest, fastest, most powerful BeagleBone low cost computer yet.

Built on the foundation’s open source Linux approach, BeagleBone AI fills the gap between small single board computers and more powerful industrial computers. Using the Texas Instruments Sitara AM5729 processor, developers have access to powerful machine learning capabilities with the ease of the BeagleBone Black header and mechanical compatibility.

The foundation says the new BeagleBone AI makes it easy to explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used in everyday life. Through BeagleBone AI, developers can take advantage of the TI C66x digital-signal-processor cores and embedded-vision-engine cores on the Sitara AM5729 processor. Machine learning is supported by an optimized TI Deep Learning software framework and pre-installed software tools. Downloading and running the latest examples of edge inference algorithms and applications is only a few clicks away.

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