HOLLAND, – Hudsonville Ice Cream announced it will expand its 48th Street dry goods warehouse, set to begin in August. The $9,800,000 expansion is the company’s second round of facility upgrades since 2018 and includes a 40,000-square-foot dry goods warehouse enabling greater production volume across Hudsonville Ice Cream’s product lines.

“West Michigan has been our home since the very beginning, and as we expand availability of Hudsonville Ice Cream to additional states in the Midwest, we are deeply committed to investing in our hometown and the facilities where all our innovation, development and production takes place,” said CJ Ellens, an owner of Hudsonville Ice Cream. “With expanded facilities comes the ability to create new jobs.”

Hudsonville Ice Cream’s Holland facility is equipped with machinery and technology to elevate the process of developing and producing frozen desserts, including Hudsonville’s traditional flavors, Dairy Free lineup and newly introduced Extra Indulgent pint collection. The company continues to grow its retailer relationships and has been expanding into more states each year. The facility was previously updated in 2018 with a new silo alcove, pilot plant and test kitchen used to develop and test new ice cream flavors and products.

Hudsonville Ice Cream’s operations contribute to West Michigan’s economy, cited as one of the fastest-growing economies in the U.S. West Michigan is also a leader in food processing, and Hudsonville Ice Cream is among several nationally and globally recognized food brands based in the region.

Lakeshore Advantage, the local economic development organization that assists employers with growth opportunities in Ottawa and Allegan counties, worked with Hudsonville Ice Cream connecting them with local resources to support their expansion.

“Hudsonville Ice Cream’s latest expansion is a great example of how one company’s growth can have a positive economic impact on the entire lakeshore area,” said Jennifer Owens, president of Lakeshore Advantage. “Thanks to the company’s consistent investment in their facilities, in their employees and in their relationships with local vendors, Hudsonville Ice Cream is creating ripples of prosperity that extend deep into our community.”

Learn more about all Hudsonville Ice Cream’s flavors and where to find them at www.hudsonvilleicecream.com.